A 5 – Minute Trick That Eliminates Headache Better Than Any Pill

We are all prone to solve headache issues the usual way – with the first painkiller that comes to our hands. But when we get too used to these pills, they no longer work, and we are constantly looking for a stronger solution to heal our head. How about a chemistry-free solution? The science of the future is: acupressure!

The ancient Chinese technique is incredibly quick and efficient, and currently approved by a number of scientific studies. In its core, acupressure resembles reflexotherapy, and doesn’t require you to use medical skills and knowledge in order to apply it.

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Which are your acupressure massaging points, and how should you treat them?

The first and main step is to relax in a comfortable position, and then devote one minute to this amazing massage. The ideal movement is a circular one with light pressuring, after which it will take 5 to 10 minutes for the headache to disappear completely.

Here are the 6 critical massage points that will send your headache away:


Yintang, or the central, third-eye point on your forehead is positioned right in the middle between your eyebrows and on the nose bridge. This is the first area to massage to remove fatigue.

Zan Zhu

The Zan Zhu points are symmetrical and located on the inner edge of both eyebrows. Massaging in this area won’t only relieve headache, but boost visual acuity and prevent a runny nose.


You will find the Yingxiang points on both nostril sides, and right below your eyes. To discover their exact position, touch your cheekbones until you feel a dimple, and massage there to ease headache, relieve stress, or deal with toothache and clutched sinuses.

Tian Zhu

The Tian Zhu points are located in the middle of your neck, on the back side of the head. Exactly, they should be somewhere between your ears, and on the sides of your spine line. It is here where you should add pressure to relieve head, eyes, and ear pain, ease nasal congestion, or even defeat migraine.

Shuai Gu

The Shuai Gu points are positioned at the beginning of the hairline (2-3 cm higher than the temple area), and you can recognize by a small dimple. Apply pressure to defeat temporal region pain, and to ease eye fatigue.

He Gu

He Gu are symmetrical points on the back side of our hands located in the middle between the thumbs and forefingers. Massaging them will help ease toothache, headache, and back and neck pain and tension.

Source: brightside.me