Baking Soda – True Enemy of the Pharmaceutical Industry

Every person out there knows at least few awesome baking soda tricks, but there is more to this ingredient that regular consumers know nothing about. 

Baking soda, or Sodium Bicarbonate as it is officially called, has recently been examined for its positive effects on cancer prevention. For a long time, people have applied it to threat fungal infections, but it is now becoming the core part of cancer studies around the world. This comes as no surprise, knowing that fungal infections and cancer have many attributes in common.

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Dissolved with water and consumed orally, baking soda boosts our organism with magnesium, but it is also applied on the skin and in a number of medical baths. This means that medicine treats it as a first-line alternative product which has recently been confirmed to help cure kidney diseases, cancer, influenza, diabetes, and common flu conditions.

What is even more interesting is that baking soda is one of the most powerful and natural buffer opposing radiation, and should thereof be used as frequently as possible.

Many people suffer from bicarbonate deficiency, which medicine still keeps undercover despite of being so common. The sad truth, however, is that altered pH acid levels have a lot to do with psychological discomfort and cell psychology issues – all biochemical reactions in our body are enzyme- and pH level-sensitive, which is why we should maintain a healthy and bicarbonate-rich diet to keep our pH level normal. In fact, the ideal environment for quality biological functions is an alkaline (non acid) one, which only confirms the positive effects baking soda can have on our organism.

Dr. Eric Chan, a Vancouver specialist, shares his sodium bicarbonate experience. He explains that he has used this substance as a naturopathic treatment for intravenous therapy, giving it to patients with dangerous allergies and chemical sensitivity during spring and other risky seasons. The roll of this alkalinizing ingredient is to immediately prevent an allergic reaction, in particular asthma attack which are absolutely unable of persisting an alkaline environment. In the most serious cases, Dr, Chan prescribed his patients special alkalizing drinks to consume overnight and help reduce their chemical sensitivity, and the method proved to be a total success for all of his patients.