Cure Any Issue With Epsom Salt

Do you know which salt is one of the healthiest ones in the world? It is the Epsom salt. This is not even a salt actually, the full name is magnesium sulfate, which is a mix of mineral magnesium and sulfate.

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It is very famous for bath use because if gives the body two very important items it needs. It is quite healthy!

Cure Any Issue With Epsom Salt

Cure Any Issue With Epsom Salt

The Epsom salt comes from the spring of Epsom, Surrey in England and the water over there rises to the payer of porous chalk and non porous clay of London, and this is how we get the Epsom Downs! This is a history that started back in the year 1618 when one Epsom farmer saw that his cows did not want to drink the water which was a bit bitter.

Then, he noticed that this water can cure some skin issues, such as the rash. This is how the spread of the Epsom salt went fast! This was actually the first salt spa ever made and this is how this term was coined by the chemist Nehemiah Grew in his book in 1695, on the topic of bitter purging salt.

You will look and feel good! For many years, the Epsom salt gave benefits to all those who used it, regarding beauty and health. It is a main item for a holistic lifestyle. The main uses of the Epsom salt are hair beauty and skin health.

Epsom and the skin – the body constantly creates new cells. The old ones die and they are replaced with the new ones, an this is happening to maybe one million cells within a day.

This might be scary for you to realize but most of the dust we have in our homes is dead skin cells. Over a period of one year, we shed about eight pounds of dead skin and dust mites that live there! The outer layer of the skin is covered in dead skin cells.

If the skin cells stay there, the pores will become clogged and the new skin will not be able to thrive. This is why we constantly need to exfoliate.

The best way is to remove all the dead skin cells and make room for the new ones to breathe and thrive. This way the clean skin looks healthy.

If you want to exfoliate good, then you will need a good and mild abrasive. Make sure it’s not too harsh so that it does not damage the skin.

Take a handful of the Epsom salt and put it on a wet skin. To get more health benefits, after a shower, relax in an Epsom salt bath. If you want to moisturize the skin you can add some olive oil in the bath too. Add half a cup of it in the water.

When it comes to acne, if you want to cure them with the Epsom salt. The exfoliating is a big step towards cleaning the pores, and the Epsom salt is also able to remove all the microbes since it contains sulfates that fight acne.

Epsom and the hair – if you want to give your hair some volume, all the while removing all the toxins from the scalp, the Epsom salt is the way to go. Mix it with equal part of your hair conditioner, massage it onto your scalp, and after you’re done, wait 20 minutes before rinsing it off.

A bit more about the Epsom salt – magnesium is one mineral that maintains the health of the body. It is included in more than 325 enzyme processes, such as fighting inflammation, strength of the muscles, work of the nerves and less hardened arteries. The sulfate in the Epsom salt also makes a better absorption of the nutrients and detox of the body.

The Epsom salt is beneficial for – less blood clots, less hardening of the arteries, less joint pain, soothed sprains, soothed sore muscles, less bruise inflammation, better bones, good sleep, relaxing from tension, better detox, better work of the insulin and lessen risk of diabetes. This can all be achieved by taking an Epsom salt bath three times in a week.

Some of the other Epsom salt health benefits are:

  • Constipation – the Epsom can be used as a laxative. Add a tablespoon of it in a glass of water, this will soften your stool for easy passing. Nevertheless, before doing this, talk to a doctor first.
  • Foot health – add half a cup of the Epsom salt in some warm water and soak your feet in it to remove the odor, the pain and the rough skin.
  • Skin inflammation and bug bites – a tablespoon of Epsom salt in some warm water applied on the area will do wonders for you.
  • Sunburn – the same mix as before will ease your pain.

Get some Epsom salt for your medicinal cabinet in your home. Natural ways of dealing with issues is always the better option for maintaining your well being. One of the Epsom benefits is using it in a relaxing bath.