Five handy ways to reuse the clips that seal your loaf of bread

You probably have a few lying, but did you know that you can reuse the plastic ‘clips’ that seal a bread bag for many other things?

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Surprisingly, bread clips have multiple household uses that won’t cost you anything!  From organising loose cords to mending a broken thong or flip flop, here are five handy ways to reuse bread clips.


No one likes a creased book, especially if it’s new. Luckily, bread clips are fantastic makeshift bookmarks. All you need to do is clip the bread clip on the end of the page, it’s that easy. Besides locating the page, bread clips keep your book neat, without costing you anything!

Mini scrapers

A scraper is always a useful tool to have lying around at home, and bread clips make for the perfect mini-scraper. Whether it’s removing sticker residue or dried-up food gunk bread clips will do the trick and save your nails, without scratching a delicate surface.

Mark the end of tape

We’ve all spent minutes (or hours!) trying to locate the end of a tape roll, which can be pretty annoying. Rather than wasting time trying to find the end, place a bread clip at the end of the tape roll to mark it. You’ll thank yourself for it in the future, and if you want to cut it off for ease of use each time, getting another bread clip to replace it is easy!

Fix a broken flip flop

Broken thong or flip flop? No problem! Breaking a thong is pretty inconvenient, especially when you’re out. But Ssimply push the strap back through the hole, then clip the bread clip over the flip flop strap before the ‘plug’ at the end, and pull tight on the other side. That’s literally all you have to do – the clip prevents the plug from pulling through the stretched hole in your thing. It might be a good idea to keep a few bread clips on-hand at all times!

Label loose cords

Cords can get pretty tangled pretty quickly, making it hard to find the correct cord. To avoid wasting time, a fantastic idea is to label each cord function with bread clips. You could colour coordinate with the bread clips or write the cord function onto the bread clip with a permanent marker. No more following cords behind the TV or stereo system to work out which one leads where.

What do you use bread clips for? Would you use any of these methods?