If You Have Sciatica Have This Remedy To Solve This Forever

Sciatica means pain in lower back, legs, buttocks and this is from pinched nerve in the body.

This is not so often diagnosed by doctors, but is most common pain these days. Besides pain, there is also tingling and numbness in legs.

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Majority of us relieve this with meds, but this is short term. For the relief, experts advise workouts and yoga too as best.

Here you can see how to make the best home cure to remove this pain.

If you are unsure for the signs, here is the list:


  • Pain in lower back and one hip side, going to butt and legs
  • Leg tingling
  • Worse pain when you sit
  • Numb and weak moving of feet
  • Stabbing pain
  • Buttock pain

The recipe for sciatica cure

You need:

  • 4 cloves garlic
  • Honey
  • 200 ml milk


Crush cloves and cook with low heat. Add milk and wait a bit before this boils. Remove off heat.

If garlic tastes too strong, add honey. This is best natural cure.


Have this once daily and see changes soon. Garlic removes inflammation and prevents sciatica more.

Another tip

For optimal results, have workouts and yoga too. Stretch a bit daily for a few minutes.

Article and image source: healthandlovepage.com