Love Happens When You Least Expect It (5 Sure Signs It’s Happening for You)

You’ve been active on at least three different dating apps for years and have even perfected your “first impression” – but for some reason, you still haven’t found the guy who just ‘clicks’ with you. You yearn for the connection that you hear about from newlyweds and see in the movies – to the point where you wonder if a man like that even still exists (or is still single for that matter). Here’s how the law of attraction may be working in your favor in the love department  –  and that you just need to trust that good things are on their way.

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You’re focusing on the present moment
Though it’s nice to be positively expectant for what’s to come when Mr. Right eventually rolls around, you’re not living in the future. Your feet are firmly planted in the ground and you’re fully aware of your current needs. You’ve learned to tune your attention fully toward what you’re learning and taking the lessons learned along the way.

You’re going with the flow
You’re not seeking out a guy who simply checks off all your boxes, nor are you looking for someone who you can settle for. But you’re open and willing to accept whatever comes your way, knowing things may change for the better (even if you don’t see it right away). You’re ready to embrace the process; it all comes with the experience of finding true love.

You’ve made it known what you want in a mate
There’s a reason why you should be careful what you wish for. Energy flows to the things you focus on, so if you’ve studied the art of shutting out the negative voice in your head that’s telling you that you’ll never find love – you’re already on your way toward receiving it.

You’re looking forward to the possibilities
Things begin changing quickly when you adapt a positive mindset in times where others may feel discouraged. Rather than feeling sorry for yourself that you haven’t yet found your person, you’re preparing yourself to become the best version of you possible.

You’re tending to your current relationships with your loved ones
You’re nurturing your current friendships and bonds no matter what happens. You love with a big heart, and the people who surround you feel it too, regardless of what you’re looking to bring into your life.