Organized Women Do These 5 Things Before 5 p.m. For More Quality Time With Their Loved Ones

Navigating a healthy work-life balance is no easy feat, even when it’s something we aim to prioritize. It gets even more challenging (to say the least) as a woman juggling motherhood on top of it all. At the end of the day, it’s essential to unplug from your work persona and tune into the company of your loved ones at home. Here are some tips in tackling your day to make this a little more possible.

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Early to bed, early to rise
Prepping for your day the night prior can make your mornings flow with ease and allow your mind to focus on the bigger things throughout the day with efficiency. Set aside your outfit, prepare a hearty lunch and organize your handbag so that you’ll have that much less to worry about before heading out the door.

Morning movement
Rather than hitting the gym after work, wake up a little earlier and opt for a quick jog or yoga practice at home instead. Not only will you feel more energized for the rest of your day, you’ll avoid heavy peak traffic and instead allot this quality time for family and friends.

Eat whole foods throughout the day
When lunchtime rolls around, it may be tempting to load up on a meal that will keep you satisfied until dinner. But eating an overwhelming amount may create sluggishness, causing you to feel unfocused and unproductive past midday. Instead, opt for a few smaller nutritious meals/snacks high in whole grains and vitamins to keep your energy levels high and charged.

Worst things first
Your day may feel daunting at one glance of your calendar–again, break it down into smaller chunks. Write down all the things you need to accomplish for the day, and tackle the most challenging things first while your brain is still fresh. Crossing off each task as you trudge along will keep you on track and provide a sense of accomplishment and motivation.

Clear out inbox and make note of tomorrow
If you’re like me, you’ll feel a slight anxiety when you notice a certain number of unread emails. There are only so many hours in a day that we can handle them all, but checking off the important ones before heading out will help you rest assured. Answer the urgent ones that need attention but allow the rest to wait until the next day. Don’t forget to also check your calendar for the next day to ensure you have a good idea of what you’re walking into – and commit to not checking it again until the next morning.