Regardless Smokers Or Non-Smokers, This Drinks Cleanses The Lungs

The American Lung Association said over 600 items are in cigarettes which harm us. When they burn they release over 7000 toxins.

Even 69 of such toxins make cancer and poisons. Many are in items like those with warning labels. We know this but still smoke!

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The list of cigarettes toxins, chemicals and smoke items
  • Acetone for removal of polish
  • Acetic dye for hair color
  • Ammonia for house cleaning
  • Arsenic in rat poison
  • Benzene for rubber cement
  • Butane for lighters’ fluid
  • Cadmium for battery acid
  • Carbon monoxide in exhaust fumes of cars
  • Formaldehyde for embalming corpses for autopsy
  • Hexamine for BBQ fluid for lighting
  • Lead of battery
  • Naphthalene for mothballs
  • Methanol for rocket fuel
  • Nicotine for insecticide
  • Tar in road materials
  • Toluene for paints

This was just the smaller list!

Humans both smokers and ex smokers get all this inside. But it can be cleansed. This is healthy and good for the lungs. Just 3 items needed.

Onion, turmeric, ginger. The ginger healed even in history.

Ginger: for removal of excess mucus in lungs

Onion: for cooking and also fighting cancer, malignant tumors and respiratory issues

Turmeric- minerals and vitamins and omega 3 help here to remove bacteria, viruses and cancer.

You need:

  • Mix water and sugar, turn on heat. Let this boil and add chopped ginger with onions, and toss them in.
  • After the boil, add turmeric, and lower heat. Let it reduce to half the size.
  • Strain and place in jar or bottle. When cold, put in the fridge.
  • Have it daily, 2 spoons, 1 in morning and 2 after eating a meal.