This Is What Happens To Your Body When You Consume 2 Eggs Daily!


Eggs were criticized in the past because of their high levels of cholesterol. A lot of physicians stated that the consumption of eggs is not good for your health because of the cholesterol they contain and may damage your health, however this was a common misunderstanding that was quite exaggerated. Eggs are among the few ideal products for your health as they include protein, minerals, vitamins, and anti-oxidants and can be used in various manners.

Today, doctors advise consuming two to three eggs daily in order to better your health. If you wish to learn more information about the advantages of consuming a few eggs daily, keep reading the article.

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Lower the risk of development of cancer
A study that was published in the “Breast Cancer Research” journal showed that the consumption of eggs on a daily basis can help lower the risk of development of breast cancer by 18 percent. In addition, eggs are rich in amino acids, vitamins and minerals that can help support your levels of estrogen which at times can be the primary cause for the development of breast cancer.

Reduce the risk of cardiovascular illnesses
Eggs include up to 40 grams of HDL, or good, cholesterol which has the ability to prevent the development of a number of cardiovascular illnesses. Experts in the past believed that eggs elevate the levels of cholesterol levels in our blood, but that is not true as our bodies regulate their own levels of cholesterol, and the body itself produces the majority of the cholesterol.

This was demonstrated in a research conducted at the Biomedical Research Center of Louisiana. 152 obese people who were divided into three groups participated in the study. One of the groups didn’t eat anything for breakfast, the other group had two eggs, and the last one ate one piece of bread. The results were quite a shock as the group who ate eggs manage to lose 75 percent more weight and 35 percent more stomach fat and there were no changes in their levels of cholesterol either.

The large amount of omega-3 fats in eggs can likewise reduce the triglyceride levels, thus simultaneously preventing numerous cardiovascular issues.

Better your eyesight
Eggs are a perfect alternative for your vision because they contain large amounts of vitamin A, zeaxanthin and lutein. Vitamin A is of great importance for your eyesight and for being able to see in the dark as well. On the other hand, zeaxanthin and lutein represent potent anti-oxidants that have the ability to prevent damages caused by free radicals and improve your vision, while preventing a number of vision problems.

Provide protection for the brain
Eggs contain choline, which is an essential nutrient of key importance for the brain. Choline represents a neurotransmitter that is responsible for sending stimuli to the brain and nervous system and lack of it can trigger some negative effects on the memory and the general functioning of the brain.

Decelerate the aging process
A study that was conducted in Germany showed that the consumption of eggs on a regular basis can slow down the process of aging and prevent the development of skin cancer as well. Eggs include organic pigments like for instance carotenoids that can decelerate the aging process. Nevertheless, in order to take full advantage of them, you should eat boiled eggs as they richer in carotenoids this way because of the chemical changes that happen when the eggs are cooked.

Lower the risk of birth defects
Eggs contain 0.7 mcg. vitamin B9, that is, folic acid, which is advised to pregnant women because it can lower the risk of birth defects and prevent damages to the nervous system of the embryo. Eggs are among the best sources of vitamin B9 and that is the reason why you should eat a couple of them daily.

Support the liver, hair and skin
The egg yolk includes sulfur and protein that have the ability to revitalize your weak and dull hair and better your skin’s quality. They likewise include lecithin, which is a substance that can help the liver in the cleansing process, as well as better digestion.

Aid the weight-loss process
If your goal is to lose weight, you should stay away from foods that have a low glycemic index and eat more eggs. Eggs can satisfy your cravings rapidly and aid you eat less, which results in more weight lost.

Maintain the bones healthy
Eggs are abundant in calcium and vitamin D, which are two indispensable nutrients for the teeth and bones. Studies have shown that protein and calcium interact to keep the levels of calcium and maintain the metabolic processes in the bones regulated. Eggs likewise include vitamin D, which is an indispensable vitamin we general obtain from the sun and is of key importance for many processes in the body.

In conclusion, eggs are extremely healthy and aren’t going to harm your health like it was believed in the past. They are packed with different indispensable nutrients that are going to regulate various processes in the body, as well as better your general health. For this reason, experts recommend the consumption of two to three eggs daily, except in the cases of heart problems or diabetes, when you should eat just three eggs a week.