Use Garlic To Lose Weight! Here’s What You Need To Do!


Garlic belongs to the family of Liliaceae, originates from Central Asia, probably from Kyrgyz, but people have been cultivating it ever since ancient times in the Mediterranean basin and nowadays in temperate zones worldwide. It represents a lively herbaceous plant because of the head or bulb it has, comprised of a dozen teeth that are wrapped in a silky white membrane, arranged in a circular manner around the root stem.

The stem has a height of approximately 40 cm and is cylindrical flat and grooved on the underside. Its flowers are pink or white, and are grouped in a terminal umbel, which is after that enclosed in a pill that has a long tip.

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Common use of garlic

A lot of people ever since ancient times have been using garlic as an addition in dishes, as well as in medicine. One its most popular uses was during the period of the Middle Ages, when it was regarded as extremely beneficial against the plague.

In 1858 Louis Pasteur studied the antibiotic characteristics that garlic possesses. The plant was used by Dr. Albert Schweitzer to effectively treat dysentery, typhus, and cholera in Africa during the 1950s. Prior to antibiotics becoming available, garlic was used for treating injuries throughout the two world wars.

Garlic is nowadays used as a natural solution for treating numerous diseases, like for instance strokes, atherosclerosis, immune disorders, cancer, arthritis, aging of the brain, and even cataracts. Maybe it is due to the fact that it is rich in vitamins, minerals as well as other potent anti-oxidants.

A lot of people aren’t able to stand garlic due to its smell, but garlic works exactly as a result of the fact that it smells badly: it gets its aroma from its more active ingredient, known as allicin, which transforms into different organosulfur compounds, which lower the inflammation, Oxidation, as well as other cellular destruction processes that underlie every one of the “important chronic illnesses” contained in the list made by the scientists.

Slimming garlic

Slimming Garlic Number 1
Start by peeling one raw tooth and splitting it into a couple of pieces. Next, swallow it with a glass of water like it was a medication, that is, you shouldn’t chew it, on an empty stomach. This method is going to aid you battle high blood pressure and cholesterol.

Slimming Garlic Number 2
Start by boiling three cups of water and, after it begins boiling, add three cloves of garlic that you have previously peeled and chopped and one tablespoon of cinnamon powder. Leave it to cool down and consume it throughout the day.

Slimming Garlic Number 3
Add one clove of sliced raw garlic in a cup of boiling water. Place a lid on it and leave it to cool down. Add the squeezed juice of one lemon and consume it on an empty stomach.


Garlic can severely irritate your digestive system. The excessive consumption, that is, more than five garlic cloves daily, can lead to stomach pains, excessive bloating, diarrhea, as well as even red blood cell injury.

Garlic travels through the lungs and the circulatory stream, thus providing an intense smell of breath, perspiration and skin. The smell may remain between 4 and 18 hours. One way in which this smell can be prevented is by consuming parsley.