What Happens to the Body When You Tolerate Emotional Abuse

Remember that if you, or someone you know, are experiencing an abusive situation, there are resources at your disposal. To chat anytime with a professional, you can use thehotline.org.

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Emotional abuse can sometimes be hard to identify because the wounds are not visible, but it is just as serious as physical abuse. Although the signs are more difficult to spot, your body will give you indications:

You start to believe it
The constant comments about your worthlessness is taking a toll on you, and you may start to think that your abuser is making good points. You lose your sense of self, and end up unfairly blaming yourself for everything that happens.

You’re constantly tired
Fatigue and depression are closely tied together. You might be getting too little sleep or too much. Consequently, your mood and energy levels will be affected. Suddenly, basic errands, like going to the grocery store, will become physically taxing parts of your day that you will not want––or choose not––to deal with.

Your brain is foggy
Your brain isn’t working as well as it used to, and the tiredness certainly isn’t helping either. Going to school and work is torture because your focus is off, and frankly, you don’t even care that much. Grades and work performance may suffer as a result.

Your sex drive lowers
Sex naturally boosts mood, but when you are feeling so down in the dumps, you won’t feel like partaking in it. In your state of emotional abuse, it will be more difficult for you to feel aroused, it will take longer for you to orgasm and you will generally lose interest in sex.

Depression/suicidal ideation
The constant negative loops racing in your head, combined with your lowered quality of life, make up a recipe for depression. It will seem like life is pointless, and that you are pointless, but it doesn’t have to get there.

Emotional abuse is sometimes difficult to spot when you are in the thick of it, but these are signs that may help you realize if it is happening to you or someone you know. Trust that you are worth more than one person’s opinions, and that it will get better. It will be hard to grasp at first, but you can live without this person.



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