10 Things People Say to Make You Feel Inferior (Watch Out)

It can be a constant battle to feel validated especially when you are in a high-stakes environment.  Even without this pressure, there are people who find it necessary to make it a point to do almost everything in their power to belittle and degrade the people around them.  The first thing you should know is that the person who is freely dishing out such venomous feedback is suffering.  The old saying “hurting people hurt others” couldn’t be truer. They are dissatisfied with themselves and have learned to attack others to detract from their own shortcomings. Before you fall apart from the sting of their criticism, remember that no one can make you feel inferior without your permission. Here are 10 things others say to make you feel inferior.

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  1. Ignore you. Sometimes it’s not what is said but what is not. People will ignore your input as if you truly do not exist.  They talk over you, cut you off mid-sentence and refuse to acknowledge you even when you enter a room.
  2. You are not very smart at______. ” Even when your best effort does not measure up, referring to someone as ‘not smart’ is hurtful.
  3. “If only you were as good as____.” We were all created with different talents and gifts but many of us still find ourselves in the awkward position of being compared to someone else.
  4. You really are out of your league.” No matter how farfetched a dream or goal may be, you never know the level of determination and creativity someone possesses to meet that challenge.
  5. There’s no use.” Whether you tell it to yourself in a barrage of negative self-talk or accept it from someone else, this phase robs you of your power and will to be significant.

    6. “You are a hopeless case.” These words can cut through to your soul if you believe them. As long as you have the intellect to think a thought, there is hope to improve your circumstances.
    7. “People like you are not to be trusted.” You represent yourself, not an entire group of people.  Don’t accept the stereotypes people use to unfairly categorize others.
    8. “You always______.” Usually what comes after the word always is usually not a good thing. Even if you have bad habits, you can change for the better.
    9. “It was just a joke.” If you need to say those words, then it wasn’t a joke and feelings were hurt.
    10. “You’re too sensitive.” Your feelings are your own and should not need to be validated by anyone. If something someone says or does is inappropriate or hurtful by your standards, then that’s all the validation needed.