5 Secrets to Staying Alert When You Want to Go Back to Sleep

If you’re anything like me, getting up at the crack of dawn is no easy feat – especially during these winter months where all you want to do is crawl back under the covers. Here are some tricks that will help you get moving in the morning.

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Stretch in bed
It’s probably not likely that you’ll hop out of bed, feeling rejuvenated and ready at the sound of your alarm. You’ll still feel groggy in more ways than one. There are some apps that allow you to gradually wake up by doing some simple stretches in the comfort of your own bed – you can then make your way onto a mat once your body feels up for it.

Splashing your face
Since you may be getting up to go to the bathroom first thing in the morning anyway, take advantage of this time by splashing some cold water over your face at least three times. You’ll feel significantly more awake, and also reduce facial swelling or puffiness.

Have something to look forward to
Whether it’s your favorite cup of coffee, a breakfast treat or a jog in the park, getting up will seem easier when you know there’s something worth the struggle!

Turn on a mood-boosting song
Play a song that never fails to make you smile. Music can do wonders in uplifting your spirits as it triggers the release of ‘feel-good chemical’ dopamine in the brain.

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Think about your contribution
Thinking about the service you can provide to others at the start of your day – whether it’s through your job or through a random act of kindness – will make getting up feel like less of a chore. Don’t forget about the impact you can make.