5 Types of People Who Cheat (Take Heed)

If we lived in a perfect world, we would always be in good relationships and people wouldn’t use others for selfish gain. But unfortunately, we aren’t perfect, so we’ll have to do a bit of work to expose the shady people within. Here are the five types of people who may have a history of being unfaithful.

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The Dumb Liar
They do just what the title implies – they lie about dumb things. If someone feels comfortable lying about small things, they won’t have a problem lying about bigger things–-like cheating–-too.

The Friend-Hater
They find reasons to hate and distrust all of your friends and attempt to convince you to not listen to them. They do this purposely to ensure that you trust their judgment over that of your friends.

The “I Would Never”-er
This cheater makes a big show out of saying they would never in a million, billion or trillion years be unfaithful to you. News flash: if they have to oversell this much, they may be trying to mask some guilt.

The Denier
If you so much as hint that they have wronged you, even if the signs are obvious, they will deny it until the end of time.

The Flipper
If you choose to confront this cheater, they will immediately go on the defensive and flip the accusation on you, even if there is no evidence to support it. They will even go as low as to bring up bad things you’ve done in the past to distract you or make you feel guilty. They are pros at manipulation. Don’t let it fool you!