6 Signs You’re a Good Catch (Even Though You’re Still Single)

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, you may feel a bit discouraged again this year. You have so many redeeming qualities to offer yet the right guy hasn’t quite made his way into your life. Remember that the best things come when you least expect them, and your status alone is no reflection on how suitable you are for a committed relationship. Here are the indications that you’re actually an ideal partner.

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You realize you don’t need a guy to complete you
Though it would be nice to share that special love and affection with someone you care about, you’re not going to hopelessly sit around, waiting in desperation. You recognize that a guy isn’t going to complete you; he will be the one to compliment you.  

You’re clear on what you want in a partner but are open-minded
It’s been a while that you’ve been single, and thus you’re now crystal clear about the things you’re looking for in your partner. At the same time, you acknowledge that nobody’s perfect, and are willing to keep yourself open to new possibilities. Perhaps you may fall for someone who didn’t fit the exact mold of what you thought was your ‘type’; love knows no limits.

You don’t have time to play games
Your time is valuable, and you’re smart enough not to waste it on guys who are only interested in pursuing you for other means. “Men” can already sense that you have too much going for you to entertain their antics.

You’ve learned through experience
You may have had your share of relationships that went sour but have taken these breakups in stride. You’re no longer spiteful of the past, rather, you’ve taken those experiences as lessons learned. They are part of your arsenal to prepare you for rocky points in your next relationship–-because no relationship is without them.

You’re not afraid to speak up about the things that are a hard ‘no’
Whether you were previously hurt before or have always been a woman who knows her boundaries, you are confident about the things you won’t stand for in a relationship. You’ve learned that compromising your values won’t do you or your partner any favors.

You’re mentally and emotionally stable for a relationship
Though we all have some sort of baggage (big or small) each time we enter into a new relationship, we need to have the ability to think for ourselves. By allowing our partners to control or manipulate our behaviors, we’re setting ourselves up for toxic relationships. You love and respect yourself, and because of this, you’re ready to love another.