How To Color Your Hair Naturally, Without Using Chemicals?

We all buy different hair products from the market but they can usually be too expensive and have side effects. That is why we are going to recommend you natural recipes for dyeing your hair.

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Walnut Shells

They are amazing in case of dark brown color. You need to crush the hulls and boil them for at least 30 minutes. When they cool down you should strain the mixture and apply it on your hair. Let your hair soak in the dye for up to 20 minutes, depending on the shade you’re going for.

Lemon Juice

We can use lemon juice for highlighting. You should play it on the hair and comb it. Leave it for few hours and then wash it away. According to “Ladies’ Home Journal,” lemon juice is “great for natural blondes who just need to brighten up.” Those with darker hair may need to undergo the lemon juice mixture and sun combination process several times before seeing any results.


You should use various herbs for different hair colors


Calendula, marigold, rosehips and hibiscus can make you hair red.


Rosemary, nettle and sage can be used for getting your hair brunette.


Saffron, marigold, chamomile and calendula make your hair blonde.


You can darker your hair with a help of coffee. You need to brew a strong organic coffee and leave it to cool down. Then mix 2 tablespoons of the coffee grounds with 2 cups of leave in all-natural conditioner. Apply the mixture on your hair and let it act for one hour. Rinse it off with warm water.


Using black tea will darken your hair and make it shine again. You should add 3 teabags in two cups of water. Apply it on the hair, cover it and leave it for 30 minutes. Then wash your hair with shampoo.

Beet and Carrot Juice

You can combine carrot juice and beet and get the perfect color for your hair. Apply it on your hair and leave it for few hours. After that, rinse it off.


Henna leaves contain a coloring pigment which will provide amazing effects for your hair. Mix it with chamomile tea and apply it. After several hours, wash your hair with shampoo.