The Optimum Solution For Treating Damaged Cartilage!


We are all aware of the fact that the bones need to be maintained in a healthy condition, but did you know that what is between the bones is likewise of key importance? The cartilage can be quite easily damaged and the pains can be quite excruciating, therefore it would help you if you learned the proper manner of taking care of it.

What does the cartilage do?

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Additionally to forming the nose and ears, the cartilage likewise acts as a cushion at the ends of the bones where the joints are joined. It enables bones to move in a smooth and easy manner. Nevertheless, with time, regardless of the laborious activity, cartilage can be damaged, which results in the appearance of arthritis characterized by stiffness, swelling and pains.


Supplements and analgesics are usually used for treating this disorder, and in severe cases surgical intervention might be required. Cartilage becomes more susceptible to damaging with age, however this isn’t supposed to mean that it cannot be kept in a healthy condition, or new growth to be encouraged. This can in fact very easily be done!

Avoid the consumption of inflammatory foods
Arthritis and pains in the joints are associated with inflammation and can occur as a consequence of the foods you consume. That is the reason why the best thing you can do is follow an anti-inflammatory diet, which signifies eating larger amounts of fruits, vegetables, meat, cereals, fish, and healthy fats such as avocado and olive oil. Apples, due to the chemicals known as quercetin, stimulate the production of collagen and a large amount is located in the peel, therefore you shouldn’t peel them! Make certain that you drink large amounts of water and your joints are going to thank you.

Intake large amounts of vitamins C and D
Cartilage mostly consists of collagen, which is a protein found throughout the body. In order to produce it, your body requires vitamin C, which you can get from sour fruits, kiwi, berries, as well as from greenery and broccoli. In order to maintain the cartilage in a healthy condition, you likewise require vitamin D present in fatty fish like salmon, eggs, dairy products, or by exposing your skin to the sun.

Eat gelatin
We usually think of gelatin as a dessert, however it is remarkably healthy. It is composed of cooked collagen and has the identical structure that your body uses for producing more collagen and cartilage. Additionally, collagen found in gelatin can likewise promote the health of your nails, skin and hair, and is likewise packed with proteins. It doesn’t contain any cholesterol or fats.

Take glucosamine
Glucosamine is an amino sugar that can promote comfortable and easy movement of the joints, and can likewise be found as a supplement. If want to start taking it, consult your doctor so that you can choose the best option for you. Due to the fact that it is rich in sugar, its intake can raise the risk of diabetes. You shouldn’t take more than 1500 mg daily and make sure that you use glucosamine sulphate in order to get optimum outcomes.

Add sulfur to food
It might sound odd, but sulfur is a remarkable mineral that can protect you from inflammation and has a key role in cartilage damage. Sulfur is present in onions, as well as in leak and garlic. It is quite easy to include these veggies into meals to stimulate the nutrients and better flavors. In the end, onion and garlic can likewise do wonders for controlling the levels of blood sodium.

Exercise is the best manner to maintain your cartilage (and your muscles, bones, muscles, as well as the entire body) in proper shape. Intense exercises can harm the cartilage, therefore the proper dose is going to aid you increase your endurance and strength. It is likewise going to aid you with bone density, which is afterwards going to serve you as a prevention for the development of osteoporosis.

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Try exercising in water
If you find exercising on the ground is tortuous and stressful, try to do it in water. Your body is going to be able to move in an easier manner and is going to be more versatile. This is an incredible way to become stronger in a mild and gradual manner without the appearance of pains that you would have experienced by exercising on the ground.