Upset daughter says mum is punishing her after losing grandkids

A distraught woman has asked for advice on how to deal with her mother, who she says is punishing her for a mistake that wasn’t hers.

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Writing on mumsnet, the woman who wrote under the username FindingEmo, said it all started after her parents took two of her children for a walk one day and momentarily lost their grandson.

The woman explained that she and her husband had taken their three sons to visit her parents one afternoon. Towards the end of the day, her mother and father volunteered to take the two eldest boys for a walk to the park to burn off some energy before bed.

“There’s a footpath that runs along side it then up over a hill so df (darling father) said he’d walk with them and the take the dogs over the hill. When they reached the park ds (darling son) (4) tried to carry on with df.

“He followed quite far until df said ‘no go back to your nan’. He the went off on his walk. Ds didn’t go back to his nan he waited for a bit then tried to follow df. Apparently ds was ‘missing’ for about 20 mins until dm (darling mother) found him. She bought him back to her house in tears, refused to tell me what happened and went to bed. I finally got the story out of her but she’s refused to come downstairs.”

While the grandmother was no doubt distraught at having lost her grandson, the woman said she was frustrated by how her mother handled the ordeal.

She added that while she usually gets along with her parents, she felt like she was “being punished for my parents losing my son”.

Her story has since been flooded with responses from other young mothers, with many supporting her and accusing her parents of being negligent.

“How ridiculous! Your DF was way out of line for not checking your son was safely back with DM before waltzing off. Your DM is being a martyr about it. I’d pack up and go home, leave them to their sulking,” one respondent wrote.

“Why did your dad trust a 4 year old to go back to a person out of sight?” asked another.

However, others were more sympathetic towards the grandparents and pointed out they were probably feeling awful about what happened.

“I think you are really, she’s tired got a house full tried to be nice and your son was very naughty. I’d be apologising and making him apologise too,” one woman scolded.

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“Your mother sounds like she got an awful fright while she was trying to do you a favour. Cut her some slack,” said another.

What are your thoughts on this? Should the grandmother get a grip and apologise and move on? Or is the daughter overreacting?