7-Day GM Diet Plan Which Can Help You Lose Up To 3 Pounds

Nowadays overweight is a common problem. It affects our self-confidence, self-esteem and of course our health. For losing the extra weight you can find different diets, but is it really difficult to choose the right one for you.

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The 7-Day GM diet plan is one of the most effective diets which helped numerous of people around the world to get a perfect body. After one week it will help you lose 3 pounds. You should follow it until you get the wanted results. Want is the most important during this diet is that you must drink plenty of water and also have regular physical activities such as running, swimming, dancing or walking. Before you start it, you should consult your doctor or nutritionist.

Here is a daily meal plan:

Day 1

Breakfast: Oatmeal with soy milk

Snack: One mango and one glass of orange juice

Lunch: A bowl of chopped melons

Tea Time: A grapefruit and a kiwi

Snack: A glass of soy milk

Dinner: Two peaches and a glass of Coconut Water


Day 2

Breakfast: Baked sweet potatoes and a cup of green tea

Snack: Fruit salad

Lunch: Tomato salad with steamed broccoli

Tea Time: Baby carrots

Snack: Fresh tomato juice


Day 3

Breakfast: One papaya and a glass of lemon juice

Snack: One banana and a handful of almonds

Lunch:  Several slices of ripped avocados and one tomato

Tea Time: A cup of green tea

Snack: A cup of blueberries

Dinner: Green salad


Day 4

Breakfast: Banana smoothie and one orange

Snack: A glass of fresh orange juice

Lunch: A glass of skim milk and two bananas

Tea Time: Half a glass of milk and half a banana

Snack: One banana

Dinner: Cucumber salad and a cup of ginger tea


Day 5

Breakfast: 2 boiling eggs and brown rice

Snack: One apple and one kiwi

Lunch: Steamed asparagus and broccoli

Tea Time: A serving of brown rice

Snack: A glass of fresh tomato juice

Dinner: One tomato, one cucumber, and one pepper


Day 6

Breakfast: Steamed broccoli and brown rice

Snack: Cucumber salad and a glass of lemon juice

Lunch: Sweet potatoes and brown rice

Tea Time: Steamed baby carrots

Snack: Two cucumbers

Dinner: Boiled beet and carrot


Day 7

Breakfast: Brown rice and one apple

Snack: Tomato salad with cucumber

Lunch: Brown rice with corn and cucumber

Tea Time: A cup of green tea

Snack: One banana and one orange

Dinner: Steamed asparagus and Brussel sprouts


Follow this diet for several weeks, and the results will be noticeable. Start it from today; you won’t regret it.