How my life changed with technology

Think back to your childhood.  How did you communicate with friends?  Did you have curfews and did your parents set time limits when you were out?  How did you make friends?

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I remember when grandma passed away at 99 thinking of all she seen her her life time and the same with grandma-in-law who was a 100. Both remember walking or taking horse and buggy almost everywhere they went as a child. They were around for first car, the introduction of television, the invention of airplanes, and watched a man set foot on the moon.

Here I am at 61 thinking of all the changes in my life.  Much of the change has been to do with computers.

In high school I remember a field trip to see a computer at a big insurance company. It took up a full room, ceiling to floor, wall to wall. Today, I am writing this using my iPad.  Here I am in Halsey, Oregon — a small town of 600 people in the United States — and my article will be read by who knows how many people all over the world thanks to a media company that started in Australia.

I have quilted with a friend from the comfort of my home with a friend while she was in her home. We sent pictures to each other chatted and help encourage one another with deadlines to get a project so far by a certain time.  Years ago we would have loaded the sewing machine, grabbed our supplies hoping everything was with us, and headed off.  Now I can work on my projects, stop and do some house work, and even start dinner.

Everything has become computised. Phones to iPads, the appliances in our kitchens, our TVs and cars.  Many workplaces depend on computers and technology to function daily. We even shop from the comfort of our home, when previously major purchases would have been an ordeal as we needed to go from store to store to compare prices and talk to taking salesmen.  Now we just get online and read about the products compare prices. We can then order online and have it delivered to our home or go to the store and pick it up.

It’s true, technology has changed my life.

How has modern technology influenced your life? Do you think technology is helpful, or has it made us lazier for the convenience?