Why Some of the Best Women Stay Single the Longest

Now before anyone gets offended by this article, let me start off by making it clear that I, too am 100 percent spoken for – and happily so. This isn’t to say that the best women are single, but the truth is, there’s a lot to be said about staying single for a while until you find a match who truly complements you. Here’s why some of us are in no rush to settle down.

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Men aren’t their #1 priority
Although I didn’t regret the relationships I had back in college, I do feel like I should’ve put a lot more energy into more important things—my studies, networking and building friendships. I wasn’t prioritizing my needs because I was still unclear about them. These single women can balance their priorities without getting lost in the shuffle.

They place a high value on their freedom
Single women don’t need to answer to anyone but themselves. In a committed relationship, compromising is key and being empathetic to the needs of your partner (in addition to your own) is crucial. The single woman will wait until she’s in a place where she can and wants to sacrifice some of her demands for the sake of another.

They’d rather not waste time with temporary relationships
While some may choose to date around until they find someone well suited for their lifestyle, other women may opt to spend a different use of their time. They’d rather not invest their energy on a “for now” relationship, knowing its expiration date is nigh.

There’s nothing sweeter than not having roommates
There comes a time in a relationship where discussions of living together are brought to the surface. The idea of cohabitation can seem uncomfortable for the single woman who’s used to having her own space. After all, she can come home whenever she wants without being questioned, do her tasks on her own time and cherish her moments of privacy.

They’d rather work on becoming the best version of themselves 
Rather than jumping from one relationship to the next in search of love, some single women will take advantage of their lives alone to develop themselves – mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. They live by the mantra, “A better you will attract a better next.”