How One Man Reversed His Type 2 Diabetes Using The 80/20 Rule For Juicing

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There are many people who don’t drink juice very often. They would choose coffee or soda over fresh juice. But, here, we’re going to present you that juicing is extremely important when it comes to treating diseases like diabetes for example.


According to a young man, thirst was an inevitable part of his life. He often complained to his doctor. When the doctor performed tests, they discovered that the patient had pancreatic failure which caused him to develop diabetes.

He started taking insulin and had an active lifestyle. But, he soon discovered that as more medicines he got, he also got more health problems and high cholesterol was only one of them.

This man decided to promise himself something for New Year. Dr. John Zirdum was the one to inspire him and he started eating foods that are raw, but he also started juicing.

He managed to lose over 11 kilograms in only 25 days! During a period of 4 months, he had less than 20 kilograms and normalized cholesterol as well as blood pressure. He didn’t need the medications anymore because he reversed the diabetes.

Another testimony speaks of an older man called Thomas who decided to start juicing after he had a heart attack.

In only 4 months, he managed to lose almost 1/4 of his body weight, he stopped taking the medicines he used for more than 15 years and improved his eyesight in 15%!

He also managed to stabilize his high cholesterol, arthritis and high blood pressure.

How Does Juicing Work?

Diabetes can be developed more because of inactivity or poor diets. Still, the most common cause is obesity.

Being active, losing weight and eating healthy food are some things that can help you prevent diabetes as well as treat the disease.

Juicing will help you nourish your body with minerals and vitamins and that in turn will prevent overeating and unhealthy cravings.

Juicing is much quicker than cooking meals. You consume more fruits and vegetables than you would if you ate them raw.

Better Than Juicing

Juicing is a very fast way to obtain nutrients, but it has some negative sides. It can cause energy bursts and constipation since it only contains a small amount of fiber. When you extract the juice of a fruit, you’re only left with the fiber and you actually throw it away.

Nutritionists suggest that for this you should use a blender, because all the dietary fiber will remain and you’ll digest them easily. You’ll have a steady supply of energy.

Blended juices are the best option for dietetics.

The 80/20 Rule

Your juice should contain juice should contain vegetables in 80% and fruit in only 20%.

It’s because fruits contain a greater amount of fiber than vegetables. If you consume more fruits than vegetables, it can cause the appearance of type 2 diabetes.

You have to know how to choose fruit wisely so that it can help you prevent the disease. The best fruits are apples, blueberries and grapes.

Berries are good to blend or juice since they don’t have a great content of carbohydrates.

Green Juice Recipe


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